Life…and Lemonade

Wherever you may be on the road to making lemonade out of the lemons you, or someone you love, are dealt it can be hard to see the forest through the trees. For years, and to this day, I continue to stay curious and open to new perspectives, more information, advancements and developments, and topics that pique my interest through a mental, physical or emotional lens. This evolving compilation of resources included here would have transformed my journey. I hope each one of these resources help and inspire you, too!


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The Power of Hope

Hope is one of those things that is hard to put into words. We know staying “hopeful” in tough times is essential, but how? And how do we remain grateful during the process? This is an inspiring story of hope that I was lucky to witness and be a part of this summer.

Be an Active Consumer of Your Healthcare

Healthcare and health insurance can be intimidating. Most people just assume it’s too complicated to understand. That’s not true. Click HERE to watch my discussion on these topics and learn how asking questions can save you time, money, and so much stress.

Colon Cancer: a Caregiver’s Perspective

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s at age 15, I feel such advocacy for this horrible disease. Click HERE to listen in to the full conversation between myself and Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Shore Point Healing, Erica LoPresti, for our thoughts. 

Lessons From a Patient’s Perspective

If I could define ‘lemon head’ I think it might be Meredith – meditation teacher, speaker, choreographer, dance and yoga teacher, and co-founder of the non profit In Good Company Dance–all I can say is, this discussion has so much to offer! She’s an amazing example of someone who truly lives out loud, who trusts her gut, and—in this conversation (watch it all HERE!)—shares the good, bad, and ugly, and the lessons she learned as a result.

Managing Work / Health Balance

While compassion is critical toward those with mental health or chronic illness challenges, the individual themself is encouraged to keep their side of the street clean. Click HERE to listen in to the full and eye opening discussion between myself, and friend and business partner, Nicole Andes, as we navigate roles and responsibilities on this matter. 

Helpful Articles

Chronic Illness and the Future of Work


Now THIS is making lemonade!! CEO of @chronicallycapable Hanna Olson is living out loud and educating others by sharing her story. She’s an empowered patient who empowers others! I mean—slam dunk!

The Plight of the Invisibly Ill

Elle Magazine

“To this day, I find it hard to tell the story of how I got sick. All I can say is that in my twenties and thirties, I got very ill…My doctors were reassuring. When I asked if something might be wrong with me, they reminded me that my labs looked mostly fine…Still, everyone had anomalies. I did work a lot. Maybe it was stress. No one believed I was ill—not even I did, exactly. I thought that perhaps I was sensitive or anxious.” This BRIEF excerpt from a fantastic read does a great job describing what living with chronic illness entails.

Medical Debts…Removed

The Wall Street Journal

Accepting my first job had less to do with the offer and a lot to do with what it meant for my health insurance. What I didn’t realize was the excellent coverage would cost me my health. When I read this recent article about lifted medical debt in the @wsj I felt hopeful to say the least.

My Lemon Heads

When I opened up about my life of lemons, I found a network of extraordinary people that have their own sweet and sour tale to tell. It has been not only a privilege, but an honor to share life-changing discussions with these lemon heads. May their stories bring you inspiration…

lemon: ADHD

Hi, i’m Joshua. Many of my struggles finally made sense after a psychologist diagnosed me with ADHDmy junior year in high school. I feel grateful

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Fun Facts About Me


I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I celebrated my first birthday in Switzerland, and lived in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from ages 1 through 4. Since then, the only two states I’ve lived in are New Jersey and Florida.

Some Silly Quirks

I have a weird obsession with belts and own at least 60 of them. My favorite TV show is Grey’s AnatomyI’ve seen every episode! Also Downton AbbeyI wish I could have lived in that era! My first concert was Bryan Adams. I only watch happy movies, and only listen to happy songs. When I’m in pain I sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Family Life

I met my (now) husband at my first job; our managers forbade us from dating (we were the only two in the same age bracket)! On our second date he took me to a colonoscopy. You could say the rest was history, ha! We have two amazing children and one fur baby. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old.